Save money, reduce energy, and go green

with the Great British Insulation Scheme.


Choosing between feeling warm or saving money shouldn’t have to be a choice.


With no cost to you, we take all the hard work out of applying for your FREE ENERGY GRANT. And, when the insulation or boiler installation is complete, enjoy that toasty warm feeling as the cosy levels go up and energy bills go down.


Making your home more energy efficient means doing your bit for the environment.
Replacing your boiler or fitting insulation helps to cut household and fossil fuel emissions, having a positive impact on eco-systems and your bank balance.


Energy efficiency for everyone. The energy company obligation (ECO) and home heating cost reduction grants are in place to tackle fuel poverty. If you own or privately rent your property you can apply to receive a free insulation or heating grant.


About the scheme

Introducing the Great British Insulation Scheme, a government initiative aimed at improving energy efficiency and reducing costs for homeowners. With a budget of £1 billion, this scheme will assist approximately 300,000 households across the country by providing financial aid for the installation of new home insulation. By prioritizing support for low-income individuals and those residing in energy-inefficient homes, the scheme aims to significantly reduce energy consumption and heating costs.


To encourage increased participation, the ECO scheme now has a relaxed benefit criteria, to claim for free grant you must be in receipt of the following benefits:

Are you in Council tax bands

A-D in England | A-E in Wales